Senior Affairs Committee

The Hudson Senior Center's mission is to provide services for persons 55 and over and their spouses, regardless of age. The Center is a social environment which provides support, education, nutrition and entertainment for elderly persons in Hudson and the surrounding area. It will promote the physical, intellectual, emotional and economic well being of older adults and those with disabilities. We will promote their participation in all aspects of community life by providing the opportunities listed above. The overall mission is to enrich the quality of life and support independence and vitality for seniors.


There shall be five (5) members and two (2) alternate members (with staggered terms - 2, 2, 1) of the Hudson Senior Affairs Committee who shall be electors of the Town of Hudson and shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen. Terms will be staggered in order to allow for orderly transition from member to member. There shall also be a Center Director of the Senior Center who shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The Center Director of the Senior Center shall not be a member of the Committee. A Selectman shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Hudson Board of Selectmen (BOS) to serve as a voting member of the Committee. Succeeding BOS Chairmen may appoint their designee.


The duties of the Committee are: 1) review annual budget for presentation to the Board of Selectmen 2) oversight of the Center financial operation 3) oversight of the programs and operations of the Center 4) oversight of the Center building and grounds 5) monitor the work of the Center Director 6) set policy for use of the Center 7) adopt rules and regulations for the operation of the Center 8) explore revenue sources including, but not limited to, available grants and Friends of the Senior Center fundraising to meet the Center's goals.

Such policies, bylaws, rules and regulations shall be consistent with the goals set forth in the "Mission Statement". The Committee shall report to the Board of Selectmen. Annually, the Committee shall elect a Chairman from its members, as well as such other officers as it may, from time to time, deem necessary. The Committee shall have the power to adopt bylaws for its governance and a majority of the members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.