Landfill Rules

West Road Landfill

Hudson residents wishing to dispose of items at the West Road Landfill will abide by the following rules (in effect since January 1, 2012):
  • Each residence serviced by curbside collection will be entitled to three clean up day passes per calendar year.
  • Passes are valid for that calendar year for which they are issued. All passes will expire on December 31 of every year.
  • Passes may be obtained at the Department of Public Works, 2 Constitution Drive, during normal business hours or at the landfill during clean up days.
  • Residents will be required to show a valid picture ID to be issued passes for their address. The address will be prominently displayed on the pass and is valid for that address only.
  • A valid picture ID will be required on the clean-up day to match to the pass.
  • A pass will be required to dispose of any acceptable items per visit, NOT PER DAY.
  • Items that do not require a pass: leaf and yard waste, metal that can be recycled and bulk card board. These items can be dropped off as often as necessary during clean up days.