Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What roads in Hudson are maintained by the NH Department of Transportation versus the Town Department of Public Works?
A: The Town plows and paves more than 200 miles of roadway within its jurisdiction. The State of NH Department of Transportation is responsible for 13 additional miles of roadway (7 roads). Those throughways are depicted in red on the attached map of Hudson.

Q: How do I report a road hazard, or a Sewer or Water problem after normal business hours?
A: In case of a road hazard or sewer emergency, contact the Hudson Police Department Dispatch at (603) 886-6011. If it is a water-related emergency, contact Whitewater at (603) 324-8318. 

If it is a non-emergency, leave a message on the Department of Public Works answering machine at (603) 886-6018 and the matter will be taken care of during normal working hours.

Q: How do I dispose of large items? 
(1). Hudson residents may call Pinard Waste Systems at 1-800-675-7933 to schedule a curbside pick-up of any bulk items or white goods. This service will be provided once per month. User fees for this service are as follows:
$30.00 for all Freon appliances
$30.00 for all metal appliances
$30.00 per item for all non-metal goods: Plastic, appliances, couches, mattresses, rugs, etc.
$30.00 for all TVs and CRT monitors
Payment: Credit card or check payable to Pinard Waste Systems

(2). Residents also have the option to bring acceptable items to Town Clean-Up Days, which are held at the West Road Landfill. Acceptable items include: Demolition and building materials, clean sheetrock, clean asphalt shingles, clean wood, brush, leaves, furniture, rugs, cardboard, appliances and scrap metal. Branches should be no greater than five inches in diameter. No Freon appliances, TVs/CRTs or household trash.

Q: What is the holiday schedule for Trash/Recycling Pickup?
A: Collections for the week of a holiday will be postponed by one day if your trash day falls on or after the following holidays:

Independence Day
Labor Day 
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Year's Day
Memorial Day

Q: How do I dispose of hazardous waste or electronics?
A: Hazardous Waste and Electronics can be disposed of at one of Nashua Regional Planning Commission's Hazardous Waste Collection dates. For a listing of times, locations, and fees visit their or call 603-424-2240.

Q: How do I dispose of Automotive Oil?
A: Used motor oil can be disposed of at the Highway Department, 2 Constitution Drive, Hudson, during normal business hours.

Q: How do I dispose of Fluorescents?
A: To dispose of fluorescents please contact Nashua Regional Planning Commission at 603-424-2240 or visit their

Q: Who do I call for questions about my trash or recycling?
A: Pinard Waste Systems, Inc. is the company that handles Hudson's trash and recycling. Their number is 1-800-675-7933. You can contact them if your trash or recycling was not picked up, if your trash cart is damaged, or if you wish to receive a second recycling toter. For other questions call the Public Works Department office at 603-886-6018.

Q: Where is the Landfill?
A:The Hudson Landfill is located off West Road , on Old Landfill Road, Hudson, NH.
Directions: Heading north on Route 102, take a left onto West Road and then left onto Old Landfill Road. Go to the end to enter the landfill during normal business hours.