Snow and Ice Removal Plan

The complete Snow and Ice Removal Plan which was adopted on January 27, 2000 and updated September 2011 is available here.


It is the goal and intent of the Town of Hudson to provide timely, efficient and cost-effective winter maintenance, snow removal and ice control on the roadways of the municipality for the safety and benefit of the Town's residents and the general motoring public.


Level of Service:

It is not possible to maintain a bare road or sidewalk totally free of snow and ice during a storm. It is the intention of the Town to provide practical, safe access to homes, businesses and municipal facilities during winter storms.

It is our policy to commence snow removal operations upon the accumulation of two-inches of snowfall. The Road Agent may, at his/her discretion based upon weather information reports, elect to not remove snow until greater or lessor accumulations.

Pre-treatment and ice control may be addressed prior to the actual storm beginning, during the actual storm as seen effective, and proceeding the storm. It should be noted that salt has a much slower effect on melting snow and ice at temperatures below 25 degrees, and may not be applied until it is warmer. Alternate methods of treatment may be utilized as conditions warrant.

Sidewalk snow clearance will be conducted as soon as possible during winter storms. Personnel availability and the needs to maintain safe roadways will take priority.


State Maintained Roads

The Department of Public Works maintains approximately 200 miles of roadway within its jurisdiction. The State of NH Department of Transportation is responsible for an additional 13 miles of roadway (7 roads). Those throughways are depicted in red on the attached map of Hudson.