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Names appearing on the list below do not indicate that the person is guilty of the crime; only that there is a warrant on file for their arrest on the date the list was published.

Although this list is updated continuously, it is possible that a subject listed may have been arrested and the warrant cleared. No action should be taken by any individual, other than to contact the Hudson Police Department with the information. No law enforcement agency should attempt to arrest without first confirming with the Hudson Police Department that a warrant is indeed active on any of the subjects listed.

NameDOBLast Known Address OffenseDate
Ken Anaya11/1/198114 Hancock Street 2nd flTheft by Unauthd Taking $0 - $1000, RSA: 637:34/10/2018
Clayton Antonis4/7/75110 Lexington Road, Billerica MASexual Assault - Forcible Fondling, RSA 632-A:46/7/03
Hany Attia4/1/1978737 Princeton Blvd, Lowell MAReckless Conduct; Place Another in Danger, RSA: 631:3
3 Counts of Simple Assault, RSA: 631:2-A
Patricia Audet5/9/648A Lindsay Drive, Hudson NHFPF3/7/88
Jorge Baez03/23/1973454 Haverhill Street, Lawrence MA 01943Theft By Unauthorized Taking Or Transfer, RSA 637:3 I10/31/2013
Patricia Baker7/12/6941 Lake Shore Drive, Westford MA 01886Fraudlent Use of Credit Card, RSA 638:52/17/11
Donald Bannister7/29/627 Windham Road, Hudson NHFPF6/9/86
Robert D. Barnett3/23/607B Watersedge Drive, Hudson NHFPF1/21/86
Carl E. Barnette1/27/6265 Howard Street, Lowell MASimple Assault, RSA 631:2-a, I-A1/4/83
Ricky Baum1/11/58666 Kennedy Street, Honeybrook PACriminal Threatening, RSA 631:43/3/01
Kelly A. Baumgarten3/25/68804 Elmwood Drive, Hudson NHFPF3/2/89,
Derek James Baxter4/17/74655 Nashua Road, Dracut MADriving after Revocation or Suspension, RSA 263:64 and 265:48/4/01
Richard Beebe06/21/197126 Beacon Street Apt. #430, Burlington MA 01803Driving While Intoxicated, RSA 265:A:211/13/2009
Robert Beisheim6/22/79164 Central Street, Hudson NHPossession of a controlled drug, RSA 318-B:264/4/99
Matthew Belanger04/30/1985209 Westminister Drive, Jacksonville NC 28540Disorderly Conduct, RSA 644:2
Driving After Revocation Or Suspension 2nd, RSA 263:64A
Kathleen M. Bernier11/17/584 Murry Court, Nashua NHSimple Assult, RSA 631:2-a, RSA 644:2 IID6/30/83
Daniel P. Bettencourt8/16/64729 Central Street, Lowell MADriving while under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor, RSA 265:825/15/83
Robert Blaise02/12/198017 Route 30 S Apt. #3, Castleton VTTheft by Unauthorized Taking or Transfer, RSA 637:3 I-
Wayne E. Boisvert3/7/5578 Central Street, Hudson NHFPF1/11/83
Deborah Bordeleau7/30/1982149 Coburn Road, Tyngborough MA 01879Theft by Deception, RSA 637:46/2/2017
Pablo Borges3/10/841 Tremont Street, Dracut MA 01826Theft by Unauthorized Taking or Transfer, RSA 637:3 16/21/2016
Robert Boucher3/20/194324 Mobile Drive, Hudson, NH 03051Stalking; Domestic Violence; Order, RSA: 633:3-a,I(c)1/11/2019
Akkima Briscoe06/26/1977123 Tolles Street, Nashua NH 03060Driving After Revocation Or Suspension 2nd, RSA 263:64A
Driving Without Giving Proof, RSA 263:63
Suspended Registration (Operating-Misd), RSA 261:178
Dylan Brodeur4/6/19923 Pondview Circle, Nashua NHTheft by Deception, RSA 637:4,I10/13/2017
Jessica Brunelle12/20/198340 Dean Avenue, Dracut, MA 01826Theft by Unauthorized Taking $0-$1000, RSA: 637:3
Criminal Traspass, RSA: 635:2
Disobeying an Officer, RSA: 265:4
Drive after Rev/Suspension, RSA: 263:64,VII
Reckless Operation, RSA: 265:79
George Burns1/27/6025 Salem Street, Nashua NHFelon in Possession of a Firearm, RSA 159:31/5/99
Michael Burns1/10/1983101 Lafayette Street, Lowell MA 01854Receiving Stolen Property (5 counts), RSA 637:710/24/10
Adelard F. Cabana2/27/57MCI, Gardner, MAIndecent Exposure and Lewdness, RSA 645:15/13/96
Renzo Alberto Campos Delacruz9/7/198214 Rowe Street #1, Lawrence, MA 01943Criminal Threatening - Conduct, RSA 631:4,I(a)1/17/2019
Ronald Carson01/24/1953305 Pawtucket Street, Lowell MA 01854Willful Concealment, RSA 637:3-A IIA12/1/10
Tanaya Carvalho Ledoux7/28/198729 S Shore Drive, Pelham, NHTheft by Unauthd Taking $0-$1000, RSA: 637:32/27/2019
Lafayette Chieh1/1/1983421 Aiken Avenue, Dracut, MASimple Assault; Physical Contact or BI, RSA: 631;2-A,I(A)10/17/2018
Scott Christie11/04/813 Overlook Ave., Burlington MAViolation of Protective Order; Penalty, RSA 173-B:907/17/06
Fred Clark4/12/46178 Maple Street, Manchester NHFTA8/9/93
Isaac Clayton2/28/60412 Fox Hollow Drive, Hudson NHFPF9/6/89
Robert R. Cloutier2/2/69155 Lowell Road, Hudson NHFPF11/3/89
Brenda M. Coffin9/10/5316B Robinson Road, Hudson NHFPF11/12/82,
Kevin Cole02/12/197120B River Road, Hudson NHDisobeying an Officer, RSA 265:407/17/05
Samuel Cole12/2/19887000 Riverdale Road, Lanmham, MD 20706Credit Card Fraud, $1501+ pr 2 priors, RSA 638:5,III(a)3/6/2019
Colleen Coleman12/6/6277 Kimball Hill Road, Hudson NHFPF2/3/81
Matthew W. Collette05/01/7928 Ansie Street, Chelmsford MAViolation Of Protective Order: Penalty, RSA 173-B:96/26/09
Hector Colon07/19/1982332 Lincoln Street Apt. #2 Lowell, MA 01854Theft By Unauthorized Taking Or Transfer, RSA 637:3 I8/12/2015
Christopher Compoh6/5/19911 Echo Avenue, Nashua, NHHand Guns False Information, RSA: 159:117/25/2018
Joseph R. Condo10/12/52536 South Water Street, Marine City MIFTA12/27/84
Tara Cook8/27/6873 Newhall Street, Lowell MAFTA11/18/96
Jeffrey A. Cowley5/20/64Route 1 Box 256, Texarkana TXFTA5/11/92
Martin Crespo2/9/1980191 Charles Street, Lowell, MATheft by Unauthorized Taking $0-$1,000, RSA: 637:311/8/2017
Peter C. Curtis10/16/5852 Barretts Hill Road, Hudson NHFTA6/13/90
Charlene Daniels8/18/66812 Elmwood Drive, Hudson NHFPF10/8/87
Daniel Dargie2/24/6662 Walnet Street, Nashua NHCriminal Threatening, RSA 631:4-1, 642:2, and 642:83/6/85
Mark T. Dellinger11/8/65501 First Ave., Duncansville PAFPF6/3/96
Sabrina Dempsey11/11/1987771 Broadway Street, Lowell MA 01854Theft By Unauthorized Taking Or Transfer, RSA 637:3 I
Theft by Deception, RSA 637:4
Russell Denesowicz01/08/1979507 Broad Street Apt. #1, Nashua NH 03060Theft By Unauthorized Taking Or Transfer, RSA 637:3 I01/20/2014
Jose Desouza6/8/5323 Fairview Road, Framingham MAFTA10/5/92
David Desroches3/9/59194 Pawtucket Street, Lowell MAFTA10/8/93
Jose Dominguez11/21/7188 Hollis Street, Nashua NHFTA6/5/90
Jake Donovan04/19/199558 West Fifth, Lowell MA 01854Littering-Unlawful Activities, RSA 163-B:307/19/2013
Eric Dorobiala4/29/198323243 Delavan Ave, Port Charlotte, FL 339546 Counts of Stalking2/24/2017
Jean Doyon4/12/64762 Cure Comtois, Terrebonne Quebec CanadaFTA5/4/86
Walter E. Dowd Jr.11/24/5118A Ranger Road, Hudson NHFTA12/14/89
James G. Driscoll8/30/5877 A Wason Road, Hudson NHFPF3/7/89,
Kenneth Dunmore9/15/5988 West Hollis Street, Nashua NHFTA5/7/87
Robert Dussault06/12/1967112 Woburn Street, Lowell MA 01854Unauthorized Use Of Propelled Vehicle, RSA 634:39/12/11
Angela Edwards8/30/718463 Standish Bend Drive #19, Tampa FLFTA9/30/91
Susan Faial04/04/19618 Svenson Ave., Worcester MA 01601Theft By Unauthorized Taking Or Transfer, RSA 637:3 I12/27/2014
Thomas Farnsworth6/3/6548 Fox Meadow Road, Leominster MASimple Assault, RSA 631:2-A8/19/06
Willam Farrell8/26/5426 Hemlock Street, Massapequa NYFTA4/12/89
Yohanny Fautauzzi8/2/7610 Strawberry Bank Road, Nashua NHIssuing Bad Check, RSA 638:412/10/99
Sonya M Fernandes11/11/621040 North Pleasant Street Apt. #32, Amherst MA 01002Failure To Report Injury To Dog, RSA 264:31
Conduct After An Accident, RSA 264:25
Robert Fisette2/1/62907 Elmwood Drive, Hudson NHFTA10/20/95
Ernesto Flores11/07/19858 Armistice Blvd, Pawtucket RI 02680Theft By Unauthorized Taking Or Transfer, RSA 637:3 I12/12/14
Fernando Frois2/3/7139 Congress Street #17, Nashua NHUnsworn Falsification, RSA 641:34/8/03
Cassandra Freitas12/26/199187 Ferry Street, Hudson NHUnauthorized Use, RSA 634:37/17/2018
Michael Friedman2/27/1985106360 Mowbary Ct., Kitteredge COTheft by Unauthd Taking $0-$1000, RSA 637:32/27/2018
Raymond W. Fry9/1/6249 Olde Country Village Road, Londonderry NHIssuing Bad Check, RSA 638:4-I7/13/83
James M. Furlong5/1/49746 N 19th Ave., Hollywood FLFTA7/27/86
Keven Furtado8/6/199572 Menlo Street #2, Brockton MAConspiracy to Commit Theft by Unauthorized Taking, RSA: 629:3,637:32/27/2017
Conrad J. Gagel10/2/50319 Center Ave, Rockland MAFTA7/16/87
Dustin Gagnon9/4/198710 Blossom Street, Nashua, NH 03060Theft by Unauthd Taking $0-$10009/19/2018
Victor Garabedian06/11/1948112 Pawtucket Blvd, Tyngsboro MA 01879Conduct After An Accident, RSA 264:2508/23/2014
Thomas R. Geise8/19/521401 Patricia A312, San Antonio TXFTA2/3/95
Raymond Gendreau9/29/59101 Montreal Street, Lowell MAViolation Of Protective Order Penalty, RSA 173-B:92/18/04, 10/21/04
Daniel G. Genoter11/01/604 Tomolonis Drive, Nashua NHDriving While Intoxicated 2nd Offense, RSA 265:824/27/84
Maxwell V. Giattino12/11/19741357 Pawtucket Blvd Apt. #22, Lowell, MA 01854Theft; All Other [2 counts], RSA 637:34/16/11
Michael W. Glaze2/21/6619 Kennedy Drive, Pelham NHFTA8/18/88
Rafael Gomez11/24/7510 Strawberry Bank Road, Nashua NHIssuing Bad Check, RSA 638:412/10/99
Carlos A. Gonzales12/17/61144 Summer Street, Lowell MAFTA1/21/88
Mary Graham03/11/19586 Spring Street, Tyngsboro MA 01879Conduct After an Accident, RSA 264:2511/19/2015
Crisosto Mayancela Guaman6/22/198760 North Warren Avenue, Brockton, MA 02301License Reqd; Op w/o Valid Lisence, RSA 263:1, III12/15/2017
Marc G. Guay9/17/49294 Granite Street, Manchester NHDriving Under the Influence, RSA 265:822/19/84
Leopold L. Hall10/3/37187 Webster Street, Hudson NHFPF5/31/83
Herbert E. Hardy12/15/57908 Elmwood Drive, Hudson NHFTA6/3/91
Rithara Hars08/24/8795 Butterfield Street Apt 1, Lowell MAConduct After An Accident, RSA 264:251/16/09
Constance G. Hayward11/7/455 Cardinal Drive, Hudson NHFPF2/5/86
Pedro Hernandez5/21/57657 Merrimack Street, Lowell MAFTA8/26/98
Debbie A. Holt6/11/54124 Barretts Hill Road, Hudson NHFPF3/21/83
Jason Holzmann7/9/812133 Spring Breeze Drive, Stayton OR 97383Domestic Violence (Threatens), RSA 631:2-B,1E9/1/2016
James C. Hoover5/4/60289 Derry Road, Hudson NHAggravated Driving while Intoxicated, RSA 265:82-a12/11/83
Timothy C. James4/18/5113B Gillis Street, Hudson NHFTA8/16/1989
Jason Kasilowski9/24/1975130 Coburn Woods, Nashua, NH 03060Theft by Deception 2 Prior Thefts, RSA: 637:4
Theft by Unauthd Taking 2 prior convctns, RSA: 637:3
Alexander R. Keenan7/23/5660A Webster Street, Hudson NHFTA7/28/97
Michelle Keith11/29/198874 Bowen Avenue, Medford, MA 02155Conspiracy to Commit, RSA: 629:312/27/2016
Cheryl Kelleher10/1/196535 Davis Street, Tyngsborough, MA 01879Conduct After An Accident, RSA: 264:2512/29/2016
John T. Kelley3/13/196833 Central Street, Hudson NHFPF5/24/93
Kenneth W. Kenny1/27/195664 W. Hollis Street, Nashua NHTheft by Unauthorized Taking or Transfer, RSA 637:310/2/81
Meagan King02/23/1982133 Main Street, Barre MATheft By Deception, RSA 637:4 17/12/12
Bridget Kinsley3/3/1974233 Lake View Avenue, Tyngsboro MA 01879Fraudulent Use of Credit Card, RSA 638:51/28/11
Simon Kim12/20/79151 First Ave., New York NYIssuing Bad Check, RSA 638:4-F3/17/99
Denise Kodes12/29/1954111 Blaney Ave., Peabody, MA 01960Theft, All Other, RSA 637:35/01/10
Donald Kodes07/02/1950111 Blaney Ave., Peabody, MA 01960Theft, All Other, RSA 637:35/01/10
Emily Kurz8/26/19893 Nye Ave., Nashua, NH 03060Abandoning A Vehicle, RSA 262:40-C6/2/2017
William Lafrennie04/13/19903 Maynard Street Apt. #12, Winchendon MA 01475Theft By Unauthorized Taking Or Transfer, RSA 637:3 I05/19/2016
Theresa C. LaForest12/9/606 Pine Road, Hudson NHFPF2/22/89
Gary J. Lampel5/1/62194 Central Street, Hudson NHFTA3/7/88
Laurie Lamper4/27/64232 Abbotts Farm Ln., Hudson NHFTA6/3/87
Jean M. Langevin1/21/6695 Pine Street, Nashua NHFTA6/12/89
Daniel Larrow1/14/197729 Jefferson Avenue, Gilman, VT 05904Theft by Unauthorized Taking or Transfer, RSA: 637:3 112/19/2016
Alysia Lawson1/8/2000137 Burt Street #1 , Norton, MAForgery Govt Instrument, Check, etc, RSA: 638:12/11/2019
Cheryl Lawson11/27/198436-A Alds Street , Nashua, NH 03060Theft by Unauthd Taking 2 Prior convictns, RSA: 637:39/11/2018
Michel J. Lebel6/24/5819 Helemore Street, Aylmer QuebecFTA2/2/94
Brian Ledoux4/7/73112 Central Street, Hudson NHFTA8/2/93
Robert John Lemieux10/1/196438 Library Street #4, Hudson, NH 030512 counts of Theft by Deception $0-$1000, RSA: 637:412/27/2018
Loren Levesque2/6/674 1/2 School Street, Hudson NHFTA, RSA 642:812/22/95
Allan F. Lewis7/14/74423 Textile Ave., Dracut MAReckless Conduct, Place Another in Danger, RSA 631:34/9/02
Kim A. Lewis11/18/78423 Textile Ave., Dracut MADisobeying an Officer, RSA 265:44/9/02
John T. Looney Jr.9/8/5336 1/2 Concord Street, Nashua NHFTA, RSA 642:86/2/90
Franklim Lopes Louro12/22/19928 Guild Road, Brockton MAConspiracy to Commit Theft by Unauthorized Taking, RSA: 629:3,637:32/27/2017
Manuel Esquilson Lopes Louro8/4/19908 Guild Road, Brockton MAConspiracy to Commit Theft by Unauthorized Taking, RSA: 629:3,637:32/27/2017
Jeffrey P. Madonia12/13/5664 Lowell Road, Hudson NHFTA2/16/78
Thongkham Mahavong9/7/7438 Nicholas Street, Lowell MAReceiving Stolen Property, RSA 637:711/28/01
Mackenzie Malouin11/19/198791 Pelham Road, Hudson, NH10 counts of Violation of Protective Order, RSA: 173-B:9
Criminal Threatening, RSA: 631:4,I(a)
Michael T. Mancuso10/24/58117A Barretts Hill Road, Hudson NHFPF11/16/82
Lerianey Marino1/12/198325 Charlton Street, Everett, MA 02149Theft by Deception, RSA 637:4,1
Forgery, RSA 638:1
Danielle Marotta8/4/197747 New Spaulding, Lowell, MA 01854Conspiracy to Commit Theft by Unauthorized Taking or Transfer, RSA 629:3, 637:33/28/2017
Sage Matthews4/15/19952 B Street, Hudson, NH 03051Theft by Unauthorized Taking $1500+, RSA 637:3
Forgery Govt Instrument, Check, etc, RSA: 638:1
Peter McCarthy12/2/7715 Birch Drive, Corning NYFTA3/1/96
Colleen McGonagle03/17/19903 Arborwood Road, Billerica MA 01821Theft by Deception, RSA 637:4 17/10/2017
David McKenna09/28/197832 Pages Court, Billerica MA 01821Theft; From A Building, RSA 637:34/6/10
John D. McNeil3/29/649 Gillette Drive, Londonderry NHUnauthorized use of a Propelled Vehicle or Rented Property, RSA 637:94/17/99
Vanessa McNinch1/23/198571 Palm Street #22, Nashua, NHTheft by Deception, RSA 637:412/26/2018
Bruce R. Mesec5/20/52142 Ferry Street, Hudson NHFTA3/8/84
Lawrence A. Mongeau12/31/6916 Manning Street #203, Derry NHFTA1/18/91
Ines Montes9/25/7512 Salem Street 2, Lawrence MASimple Assault, RSA 631:2-A6/21/07
Raymond Moreau09/22/1977350 Secret Lake Road, Phillipston MA 01331Theft by Deception, RSA 637:401/13/2016
Ronald J. Morell9/18/4736 Mount Pleasant Street, Billerica MAFTA7/2/90
John F. Mullen4/1/572 Hill Street, Hudson NHFPF8/23/89
Michael Mullett8/20/654 Iris Ct., Nashua NHCriminal Mischief (Vandalism), RSA 634:212/19/99
Catherine Murphy05/28/59239 River Street, Newton MATheft by Deception, RSA 637:406/06/05
John Nelson3/31/196777 A Street, Dracut MA 01826Theft by Unauthd Taking $0-$10005/18/2018
Andrew Nichols1/4/65606 Fox Hollow Drive, Hudson NHFTA10/30/87
Richard J. Ninteau8/22/19521129 Middlesex Street, Lowell MAConduct After An Accident, RSA 264:251/20/05
Kara Leigh Ngoon05/15/19838 Brookfield Road, Hudson NH 03051Conspiracy To Commit, RSA 629:39/28/11
Albert Nyamanhindi6/30/621 Commercial Street, Nashua NHFTA9/17/89
Timothy O'Bryan12/25/578 Pine Road, Hudson NHFPF1/6/95
Sean Ocoin4/28/198621 Danforth Road, Tyngsborough, MATheft by Unauthd Taking $0-$10002/25/2019
Andrew Ogris11/4/19889100 W. Flamigo Road #2069, Las Vagas NV 09147Criminal Threatening - conduct, RSA: 631:4,I(a)8/21/2018
Derek Oloughlin07/09/1983190 Nashua Road, Billerica MA 01821Fraudulent Use Of Credit Card, RSA 638:5
Receiving Stolen Property, RSA 637:7
Elizabeth Ortiz01/06/1986256 Market Street, Lowell MA 01854Theft by Deception, RSA 637:4,I09/22/2016
Justin Packard01/08/198915 Main Street Apt. #4, Gray ME 04039Receiving Stolen Property, RSA 637:711/25/11
Keith Parker12/07/6524B Chandler Street, Hudson NHCriminal Mischief (Vandalism), RSA 634:210/01/07
Ryan Patrick02/18/199212113 Metric Blvd, Austin TX 78758Driving After Revocation or Suspension, RSA 263:6409/09/2016
Jorge Pedro7/26/6123 Temple Street, Nashua NHTheft by Unauthorized Taking, RSA 637:3, and 318-B:24/12/80
Richard Perigny2/4/50122 Barretts Hill Road, Hudson NHFPF10/5/82
David E. Petrino12/19/5717 Melba Dr., Hudson NHFTA12/27/80
Kyle A. Phillips12/23/5759 Pine Street #4, Nashua NHFTA4/4/86
Robert S. Phillips2/9/4565 Pine Street, Nashua NHFPF9/29/82
Jimmie B. Phrampus6/8/6320 Highland Street, Hudson NHFTA12/15/88
Paul R. Pickering4/1/645A Iris Path, Hudson NHFTA1/29/90
Brigitte Portelle2/15/596 Page Road Apt. #14, Litchfield NHFPF2/20/91
Elizabeth Poste9/17/19872 Oneils Court, Nashua NH 03060Theft by Unauthorized Taking or Transfer, RSA 637:3 16/24/2017
James Powers12/26/6823 Pine Street, Manchester MATheft By Deception, RSA 637:48/8/05
Carlos Ramirez9/10/74Hudson NHFTA12/05/96
Edward Ramirez11/11/1980361 High Street, Lowell MA 01852Fraudulent Use Of Credit Card, RSA 638:58/12/10
Michael Ramos01/04/1981985 Grand Street, Bridgeport CT 06604Criminal Threatening (Intimidation), RSA 631:4
Stalking, RSA 633:3-A
Timothy Regan8/20/80120 Ledge Road, Nashua NHProhibited Sales; Alcoholic Beverages, RSA 179:510/30/04
Kenny Rhodes2/4/633 Bahl Street, Nashua NHConduct After an Accident9/14/01
Ryan Ricard2/5/198851 Willowdale Avenue, Tyngsboro, MA 01876Theft by Unauthorized Taking $0 - $10001/16/2019
Chantel Rice8/13/199814 Balfour Street #1, Dorchester, MAForgery Govt Instrument, Check, etc, RSA: 638:12/11/2019
Andrew Roberts3/27/566 East Hobart Street, Nashua NHFTA1/23/99
Joseph L. Robinson6/18/7685 Gage Street, Lowell MAFTA7/30/98
Luys Rodrigues9/22/19996 Strawberry Bank Road #1, Nashua NHCriminal Trespass, RSA 635:23/11/2019
Rafael Rodriguez5/15/199317 Mason Street #4, Nashua NHCredit Card Fraud $0-$1000, RSA: 638:5,III(a)(3)3/8/2019
Roxanne Rodriguez4/10/19834 Fairfax Avenue, Derry NHDriving After Revocation Or Suspension, RSA 263:64
Driving Without Giving Proof, RSA 263:63 Shoplifting, RSA 644:17,II
Mario Rondon04/21/1994334 Rathbun Street, Woonsocket RIConduct After an Accident, RSA 264:25
Operating Without a Valid License, RSA 263:1
John Roy9/7/1970420 Broad Street, Nashua NH3 Counts of Unsworn Falsification; Written/Elec Stmnt RSA 641:3,I3/6/2019
Djafer Sabanovic12/6/60623 Fox Hollow Drive, Hudson NHFTA8/2/91
Michael A. St. Laurent9/24/498 Charles Street #6, Hudson NHSimple Assault, RSA 631:2A-Ia1/29/84
Randall S. St. Laurent3/27/73161 Westwood Drive, Nashua NHReceiving Stolen Property, RSA 637:74/4/04
Albert Salerno9/8/584 Coburn Street 2nd, Framingham MACriminal Libility for Conduct of Another, RSA 626:81/28/11
Tim Sanders7/6/6099 Lowell Road, Hudson NHFTA4/13/79
Joseph Sansouci9/13/586 Pine Road, Hudson NHFTA6/11/89
Hector J. Santos12/31/68525 B33 Amherst Street, Nashua NHReceiving Stolen Property, RSA 637:78/8/96
Susan Sauls1/5/47222 Central Street, Hudson NHDisorderly Conduct, RSA 644:26/23/84
Francis J. Saviano4/10/5335 Dragon Court, Woburn MADriving After Suspension, RSA 263:645/12/85
Timothy Scanlon7/9/63100 Lowell Road, Hudson NHFPF9/13/85
Robert E. Seeley11/11/5414 Regal Drive, Nashua NHDriving After Revocation, RSA 263:641/12/85
James Sharpe04/09/1982525 Lafayette Road, Hampton NH 03842Possession Of Drugs In Motor Vehicle, RSA 265:A:43
Drug Paraphernalia - Possession, RSA 194:3 A
Warren J. Sherrick11/2/569 Newton Street, Hudson NHFTA9/12/92
Francis Kenneth Silva08/20/19801474 Mammoth Road Apt. #A, Dracut MA 01826Theft, RSA 637:3 901/26/2013
Kevin B. Silva07/05/19829 Farley Street Apt. #1stfl, Lawrence MA 01841Simple Assault, RSA 631:2-A02/21/2014
Michael P. Sine11/29/6012B Summer Street, Hudson NHFTA12/20/89
Jeffrey J. Smith3/4/6287 Central Street, Hudson NHFTA9/14/90
Michelle Sousa3/4/1985Unknown, Nashua NHTheft by Unauthd Taking $0-$1000, RSA: 637:31/24/2018
Patricia A. Spencer7/21/6424 Royal Crest Drive A11, Nashua NHFTA8/29/86
Janet L. Stevens7/5/5838 Library Street, Hudson NHFPF6/13/89
John J. Stevens8/14/5819 Pinewood Rd., Tewksbury, MAFPF12/27/93
Robert D. Strantz8/20/692B Sunshine Drive, Hudson NHFPF3/11/89
Rinda Then07/11/198384 Mount Washington Street Apt. #2, Lowell MA 01854Criminal Threatening (Intimidation, etc), RSA 631:410/30/14
James Thibodeau5/13/608 1/2 Highland Street, Hudson NHFTA3/16/86
Mickey Thomas12/30/63UnknownViolation & Contempt of Protective Order, RSA 173-B:87/28/01
Kevin Thornton5/25/19947 Roosevelt Avenue , Hudson, NH 03051Abandoning a Vehicle, RSA 262:40-C11/27/2018
Eric Phillip Tolley12/13/198075 Grant Street, Waltham, MA2 counts DV; Simple Assault;Physical Contact, RSA: 631:2-b,I(a)11/10/2018
Bernie Toro10/31/6522 Roosevelt Ave. #19, Hudson NHFTA6/6/91
Edward Tuff11/10/197210 Windham Road, Hudson NHViolation of Protective Order, RSA: 173-B:98/30/2018
Margaret Ullo1/22/19651544 River Road, Manchester NHHand Guns False Information, RSA: 159:115/29/2018
Lynda M. Urban7/14/644 Morgan Street, Nashua NHFTA11/12/88
Charles Vanschaick03/14/841917 Colonial Drive, Croydon PAHarassment - (Phone), RSA 644:45/25/09
David Vargeson1/24/7924 Blodget Street, Manchester NHCriminal Trespass, RSA 635:29/12/05
Louis Velazquez5/20/25114 Central Street, Methuen MAAggravated Driving While Intoxicated, RSA 265:82-a7/4/85
Amanda Vozzella10/31/198017 Shawsheen Road, Billerica MAAbandoning a Vehicle, RSA 262:40-C3/8/2019
Denis R. Wallace9/1/6859 Hillcrest Road, Dracut MAFPF10/19/92
Leo Warden3/25/5750 Derry Street, Hudson NHFTA5/3/90
James R. Wheeler11/18/42Page Road, Litchfield NHFPF12/8/82
Randy Wheeler6/11/5542-2A Lenny Ln., Hudson NHFTA3/19/92
Roger E. Wilcox2/16/559 Old Amherst Road, Mount Vernon NHFTA7/23/88
Brian Winn2/22/19744 Heritage Drive #205, Nashua, NHTheft by Deception $0-$1000, RSA: 637:43/14/2019
Alyssa Woods6/3/19877 Mulberry Lane, Westford MATheft by Unauthorized Taking or Transfer, RSA: 637:3 I
4 Counts of Attempt to Commit Fraud, RSA: 629:1 5
Chris C. Wright1/2/691373 Bodwell #23, Manchester NHFTA9/2/89
NameDOBLast Known AddressOffenseDate
  Failing to Appear [FTA]
The person has been arrested.
They have posted bail and given a court date for which they failed to appear.
Their charge(s) could be anything from a minor offense to a very serious offense.

Failing to Pay Fine [FPF]
The person has been to court and has either plead nolo or been found guilty, and a fine has been imposed.
They have not paid their fine.
This could pertain to a minor offense, or a very serious offense.

March 19, 2019 - 229 Entries