Sewer Rates

Sewer Utility Bills

Sewer is billed quarterly usually in January, April, July and October each year. The bill has a usage/flow charge and also flat rate based on meter size. If a property is not connected to sewer but has access to it, including vacant lots, it will be billed a flat rate of $23.93 a quarter.

The usage/flow charge is based on water use for the previous three months. (Use for October, November and December will be billed in January). It is assumed that all of the water you use will go down the sewer. If you have an irrigation system or pool fill see questions 3 & 4 below. The usage/flow rate is $1.1905 per HCF (hundred cubic foot) as of 4/18/08.

The quarterly flat rate as based on your water meter size:
Meter Size Quarterly Rate
5/8" $23.00
3/4" $23.00
1" $37.20
1 1/2" $73.82
2" $122.63
3" $269.07
4" $464.33

Some properties are on Town sewer but are serviced by a well. (Non-metered users). Most are billed a flat rate based on the number of bedrooms in the home:

Number of Bedrooms Quarterly Rate
1 Bed $40.86
2 Bed $43.24
3 Bed $50.98
4 Bed $55.14
5 Bed $62.29

Rather than be billed at this bedroom flat rate, a property owner may install a meter on their well and send meter readings in to the Sewer Utility on a quarterly basis for which an invoice will be calculated based on the size meter installed and the usage. This method must be used by industrial and commercial properties not connected to Town water. The sewer bill will be based on these readings and meter size and can be verified by the Town. Please call the Sewer Utility office for more information.

Unpaid sewer bills can cause a lien to be placed on your property.