Motor Vehicle Registrations

The Town Clerk's Office now has a direct connection to the state Municipal Agent Automation Program (MAAP) which allows us to expand our motor vehicle services to include the following:
  • Vanity Plates, Moose Plates, Agriculture/Farm/Tractor Plates
  • Register vehicles up to 26,000 lbs.
  • Late renewals up to 12 months late
  • Duplicate registrations
  • Same lease to same lease transfers
  • Transfer 4-digit passenger plates
  • Transfer 3-digit commercial plates
Temporary plates must still be obtained at a state motor vehicle substation (Salem, Milford, Manchester, Concord) with proper ID and bill of sale/proof of purchase.

*All transactions require proof of residency and/or identification.

We currently accept cash and checks. We accept Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card with a 3.25% Convenience Fee. If paying by check, one check is required; payable to the Town of Hudson.

New Purchase: You will need to present the certificate of origin (new vehicles), original title or blue copy of the title application prepared by a NH dealer for any vehicle model year 2000 or newer.

Vehicles older than model year 2000: You will need a bill of sale, the previous owner's registration, or title signed over to you, or a VIN Verification Form 19A filled out by an inspection station or police officer (these can be obtained from our office).

Transfer Plates/Registrations: The current original registration from your vehicle that you are transferring from is required, along with the appropriate paperwork for the new vehicle (you do not need to bring the plates in). If you do not have the original registration, a certified copy can be purchased for an additional fee of $17.50. To complete the transfer at the Town Clerk's Office, the new vehicle must be in the same name as the previous vehicle registration being transferred. If you are going from own to leased vehicle (or vice-versa) you will need to complete the town portion of the registration here and then proceed to a state substation to complete the state portion.

Renewals: If your vehicle was previously registered in Hudson, you will be mailed a renewal notice the month prior to your renewal month. If you do not receive a notice, you may bring a copy of your registration in to the Town Clerk's Office to renew your registration.

*All vehicles weighing over 26,000 lbs, you must complete the town portion first and then proceed to a state motor vehicle substation to complete the state portion.

New Residents Relocating from out of State

Proof of Residency is required: Please bring a utility bill, lease agreement, closing papers for new home, or a notarized statement from the property owner stating that you are living at that address.

To register your vehicle you will need to provide the original title for vehicles model year 2000 or newer or your out-of-state registration for vehicles model year 1999 or older.

As of July 1, 2018 the process for out of state transfers with lien holders has changed and become much easier, eliminating the need for 60 day hardship plates.

If you have an out of state lien holder: you will still need to bring in your current out of state registration for the vehicle, along with the lien holder’s name and address. We will prepare a NH title application and process plates and registration at the same time. The NH Title Bureau will still request your original title from your lien holder. However, if the State does not receive your out of state title by your registration renewal date, then you will be unable to renew that registration until the title has been received.

New Residents Relocating from within New Hampshire

Please bring your current NH registration, proof of Hudson residency and identification. Your registration will be verified with the state and then entered and processed.