How to Obtain a Restraining Order


Go to the NH Circuit Court, 9th Circuit, District Divison - Nashua, 30 Spring Street. If you are not a resident of Hudson or Nashua, go to your local courthouse. If the court is closed, you may go to your local police department for an emergency restraining order.

Next, fill out the appropriate paperwork, providing as much information as possible. Should the court issue the temporary order, read and be familiar with the order and how it works. Keep a copy with you at all times.

Finally, a date for a hearing will be scheduled. You must attend this hearing and bring any evidence that you may have to support your petition. The judge will hear both sides and decide if the restraining order will be granted for a one-year period.

In addition to keeping a copy of the order on your person at all times, consider giving a copy to a trusted friend, neighbor or family member and report any violation to the local police immediately.