Citizen's Police Academy

The Citizen Police Academy was started in 1996 in Hudson, and is designed to acquaint the public with the operations of the Hudson Police Department. It is our intention, upon completion of the Academy, that participants will have a better understanding of the law enforcement role in the criminal justice system, and an appreciation for the many challenges facing law enforcement in today’s complex society.

The students attend weekly sessions learning about firearms, building searches, motor vehicle stops, accident investigation, and homicide investigation. A field trip to the Bureau of Emergency Communications (911) center in Concord is amazingly interesting. Students also have the opportunity to ride in a cruiser with an officer.

This course is structured in such a way in order to provide as much information as possible in an enjoyable and interesting way. There are no fees, no exams, and no homework; we only require that participants come each week prepared to become involved and participate in discussions.

We hope participants will take with them, part of the enthusiasm that has gone into the development of this course. This class is not part of a recruitment process for new officers, but rather, an opportunity for residents to actually see and experience what the Hudson Police are doing and why they are doing it.

Citizens who live, work, or are members of a social organization within the Town of Hudson are encouraged to participate. A completed application is required; participants must be at least twenty-one (21) years old. Information on the Academy can be obtained by contacting MPO Rachelle Megowen at the Hudson Police Department at 816-2272. Applications can be obtained at the Police station located at 1 Constitution Drive.